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Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are becoming increasingly popular and news worthy and no wonder. In the past, for cigarette smokers there has really only been an all or nothing proposition…either quit cigarettes or keep smoking them.

E-cigarettes provide a new and very different alternative for current smokers, sort of a middle ground between traditional smoking and not smoking. They provide the nicotine hit smokers crave, but with nicotine vapor instead of traditional tobacco smoke.
Some E-cigs are manufactured to look like normal ‘analog’ cigarettes and even omit a smoke-like vapor. They can be used in many (but not all) places where traditional smoking is banned, and at home, they don’t stink up the house. eCigarettes don’t taste the same, but many people feel they taste even better and cleaner than traditional cigarettes.

Since they first appeared a few years back there has been an explosion of different electronic cigarette kits on the market making the choice for consumers and newcomers in particular, somewhat bewildering.