What types of e cigarettes are there?

There are two primary types of setups people use when it comes to e-cigarettes:

1. Prefilled Branded Kits

These are the ones most commonly sold and marketed heavily online and in shopping mall kiosks. Core e-cigarette models are re-branded and the nicotine liquid cartridges come pre-filled.

This is the most expensive option, but still the most popular among newcomers, and often far less expensive than what people would spend on tobacco cigarettes. Over time people will often migrate to the next type of setup.

2. Core Generic Models + E-Liquids

This type of setup is typically a non-branded standard e-cigarette unit such as Joye 510, Joye eGo, Kr808, DSE 901, etc. combined with buying your own bottles of “E-Liquid” or “Juice” and filling your own cartridges, or simply “dripping” straight onto the atomizer without the cartridge and using what’s called a “drip tip”.

Some people also will create their own custom mod units and start mixing their own e-liquids from scratch.

Updated: September 23, 2013 by eCigFreak

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