E Cigs 101

E-Cigarettes and vaping are getting insanely popular among tobacco smokers who want to get away from traditional cigarettes, but don’t necessarily want to quit nicotine and still want somethign similar to the act of smoking. As popular as they’ve become, they’re still relatively unknown or misunderstood by much of the public.

If you’re a tobacco smoker who’s just getting interested in ecigs and don’t know much about them already, we’ll talk about some of the basics and answer some key questions:-

What is an e cigarette?

How do e cigarettes work?

What types of e cigarettes are there?

How strong are e cigarettes?

How long does an e cigarette last?

Are e cigarettes harmful?

Can e cigarettes help you quit smoking?

Where can I use e cigarettes?

Will e cigarettes save me money?

Updated: September 23, 2013 by eCigFreak

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