How strong are e cigarettes?

Different brands use different terminology to describe the strength of the nicotine in their cartridges but they generally fall into similar categories. To help you find the right strength for you, we have grouped the nicotine strengths and their descriptions in the table below:

Nicotine Strength

Terminology Used

0mgZero / Nicotine Free
4-6mgUltra Low / Ultra-Light
6-8mgLow / Light
8-16mgMedium / Regular
16-24mgHigh / Strong / Extra Strength / Full Strength / Full Flavour
24-36mgExtra High / Ultra High / Max / Non-Filters

How long does an e cigarette last?

Cartidges almost never last as long as advertised, so keep that in mind and adjust your thinking. One rule of thumb is to cut the advertised amount in half or by 3/4. How long they last also depend on the user. A decent typical e-cigarette cartridge will last about the same as maybe 5-10 normal cigarettes. When the cartridges begin to run out, the flavor will get weaker and the the amount of vapor produced will be less.

One thing to remember too is when you first switch to eCigarettes, you’re likely going to suck harder and go through more cartridges until you get used to it. That could be from the fact that it’s just different, and many traditional cigarettes contain freebase nicotine, which slips into your system more efficiently. As you get used to eCigarettes and more efficient with your inhalation technique, cartridges and eLiquids will generally last longer.

Updated: September 23, 2013 by eCigFreak

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